could u do Retiring all the players on FIFA20? Good luck... Aymeric Laporte - Now at Manchester City following his sale this January. Yeray - Now being hopefully past his unfortunate health issues, Yeray is a very solid ball playing centre back with room to grow. He can go several games without scoring. This vid must of taken a long while to film. Such a philosophy is a breath of fresh air in the modern footballing world, and one of the reasons I was attracted to Athletic Club on a personal level. I'll get into the reserved posts above as time allows over the next week or so. That will allow you to see Spaniards who you could sign who would then gain Basque nationality later. Realistically, the best chance you have of signing any Sociedad players is if they get snapped up by a big team, but then don't get game time. Plenty of options there. The two standouts initially are Nunez and Yeray, you MUST tie these guys down with much higher clauses as soon as possible. However Muniain, Cordoba, Williams and Aduriz can all do well in various striker roles, so it is possible if you're that way inclined. It will be important to find balance on the flanks as both wide defenders can attack well, so you can position your more defensively orientated midfielder on either the right or left of the two depending on which full back you want to be more aggressive. Iniaki is backing up Raul Garcia and Bautigol is backing up Adruiz. There's always one CL spot each season going usually and why shouldn't it be us? A decent prospect, but worth noting due to him playing in the Mexican league. After calling themselves Club Vizcaya for a season they reverted to the name Athletic Club de Bilbao in 1903. A solid player, but with the above 4 players in the squad he's perhaps surplus to your requirements. I won't post specific screenshots of players as most (both B, C and under 19s) have a variable potential that could land anywhere within a set range, meaning the same player on one save could be a Segunda level player, while in the next save could be a solid La Liga prospect. Ander Herrera - The Manchester United midfielder, formerly of Athletic is looking more likely to return to Athletic at some stage everyday that Mourinho is at the helm at United. His wages are within range, but his availability will depend on how he gets on at Man City, definitely a chance here if he falls out of favour at City. Steven Gerrard … Full squad information for Athletic Bilbao, including formation summary and lineups from recent games, player profiles and team news. One of the reasons why it's probably not frowned upon in this case as it is to their disadvantage, having to draw on a tiny population rather than the outside world beyond Basques. All of the games in Bilbao were played at the club’s present stadium, San Mamés, named after a nearby church. There two main ways you can play as Athletic, either buying up 16 year old Spaniards to hoard talent and make sure they gain Basque nationality, or working carefully with the Bilbao academy players and signing players from the region. He will decline fairly quickly so you should aim to get two seasons out of him. He's a solid keeper from the get go and will improve. Athletic Bilbao Football Club - Founded in 1898 by a group of students from the Gymnasium Zamacois – who adopted the English spelling because they had studied in England – Athletic Bilbao merged with Bilbao Football Club, consisting of mainly ex miners from the north-east of England and shipyard workers from Portsmouth and Southampton, in 1902. Peru Nolaskoain (utility/midfield) - A player who has shot into the limelight in real life this season and is now a first team regular. As well as being one of only three clubs never relegated from the top division of La Liga – there are no prizes for knowing the other two – they are also third in the number of titles won over the years. Depending on your tactics you may wish to employ him in either area, and he will provide an excellent option in both. 2021 © All trademarks, service marks, trade names, trade dress, product names and logos appearing on the site are the property of their respective owners. Be sure to load him up, he could be useful! Athletic Bilbao forward Inaki Williams has taken to social media to announce that he has contracted coronavirus. Given Yeray and Unai Nunez coming through, the requirement for a defender like Martinez is lowered. Raul Garcia isn't perfectly suited to the central midfield role, but with adequate cover behind him, he can have license to attack the box and support Aduriz, equally Dani Garcia provides a natural box to box option. As a result, Athletic Bilbao are often restricted to signing youth talent from clubs such as Real Sociedad, Deportivo Alavés, Eibar, and Osasuna. This means you're likely to use Williams or Raul Garcia as options to rotate with Aduriz, which also allows your good depth in the AM strata to come in to play. The key players from Bilbao Athletic (B Team): The key players from Baskonia (C Team) The key players from the under 19s Those Immediately ready for some first team action: Unai Lopez (attacking midfield) – A bright talent at Lezama and he has played plenty of first team minutes already. No goals on the first run out (an away game against Real Sociedad in the cup) but if I actually train it we may see some. The policy also extends to Athletic's reserves, their farm team CD Basconia, their youth teams and their women's football department. He's the best left back in the squad and can do a good job in a range of roles in that position. Benat is capable as a DLP, however in the midfield strata he can act as any form of playmaker depending on your system. In FM his potential is definitely there. It does not apply to the … What sort of a database setup have you guys who do long Athletic saves generally use? Awww… yeah first Nice video amico Watchin from South Africa , So do Manchester United but not as a strict policy, Hi BCHD I really like your vids try to do a billion budget with fc Reus from the second league in spain it will be really interesting like so BCHD can see this comment thx❤, @BCHDGaming Thx for replying I forgot . Post season one, you're not going to get much more from Aduriz, and Raul Garcia/Williams, while capable, are not natural strikers. If he falls out of favour, a move for the young right back would be a must. In Football Manager 2018, there are over 750 players who hail from the Basque community, in western Pyrenees and the Bay of Biscay in France and Spain. Obviously if a better striker came along he'd sit on the bench. For the striker issue, you can consider picking up Kenan Kodro (2,5 star C / 3 star P) in FC Copenhagen, I picked him up before second season, using him and Bautista as rotation. You should build a squad with the biggest flops! The last thing you want managing Athletic is not being aware a players release clause is within reach and losing them unexpectedly. Sign up for a new account in our community. I posted this in the now deleted Athletic Club page but to recap: 2018-2019 - not a great season, probably could've been fired at one point given that we were flirting with relegation by Christmas, but we rebounded well to finish 13th in the end. While this team is very heavily inclinated towards Muniain, Garcia and Williams/Susaeta being a 3 man attacking midfield unit, you don't want to overlook young Inigo Cordoba. Athletic will always have a special place in me. Moved on Mikel Rico, Unai Lopez, Markel Susaeta (shed a tear with him, but I needed the money) and Mikel Balenziaga. The 1929–30 season is FC Barcelona's 31st in existence, and was their second year in the Primera División, and covers the period from 1929-08-01 to 1930-07-31. All of Athletic's central defenders can play the ball out from the back, certainly I'd recommend having Martinez at least on a ball playing role. I wouldn't sell San Jose. EUR. Unai Simon (Goalkeeper) - Starts at the B team but can be promoted to cover for the injured Herrerin. In game he starts at the Bilbao Athletic, but he is good enough to be promoted to the first team, especially as Herrerin starts the game with a long term injury. We can't afford to lose him too as we might be moving Garcia/Iturraspe on soon. Pos. Lack of goals is a serious issue. No. Let's take a look at each section of the team and some of the key players in each area: Following the departure of Kepa to Chelsea, you are still left with strong depth in this area, the strongest of the bunch being Alex Remiro: Alex Remiro has always been in Kepa's shadow, but can now be your first choice. Athletic have a strong squad capable of challenging for Europe, with good depth throughout the team. This can allow you to utilise Williams on the left wing and Susaeta on the right. Just ask Manchester United and the beleaguered Ed Woodward. I would also recommend getting Gorka Guruzeta involved with the first team. Roberto Torres - The Osasuna man is too good for Segunda football, he would provide good cover in central and attacking midfield but wouldn't improve the team in his own right. I had a rather good youth intake with these 3, including my personal favourite name...Borja Borja. Juan Artola - Right winger, good attribute spread and potential. Following the additional of Yuri this year, and Azpilicueta getting a year older, signing him this year seems less important than previous years. I don't think either offer much more upfront than say Cordoba or Garcia would. Similarly with plenty of strength at the back, 3 at the back with wing backs is also an option. Guruzeta isn't ready for the responsibility yet but needs minutes. The club are aiming for the Europa League but I reckon we should go one better again. 2020-21 season: finished fourth on the last day with level points, a worse GD but a better head to head record against the team that finished in fifth. Sadly for their supporters the last title was won, along with the Copa del Rey, as far back as 1984. They are known as Los Leones (The Lions) because their stadium was built near a church called San Mamés (Saint Mammes).Mammes was an early Christian thrown to the lions by the … Sep 23, 2020 Sep 17, 2020 Sep 10, 2020 Sep 2, 2020 Aug 20, 2020 Aug 12, 2020 Aug 6, … Besides that thanks for a good guide I will follow. See all the news. Khabib Nurmagomedov believes Max Holloway has a real chance of going on to become the greatest MMA fighter of all time. The list of all FIFA 20 FUTTIES nominees and winners. Don't write someone off based on star rating! Home Shirt 20/21. Be sure to keep a close eye on the academies of Osasuna and Real Sociedad. Just starting the 2020-21 season and we have an exciting new buy. Goals were very well spread throughout the team, Cordoba looks set to be my new centre forward and will be rotated with Inaki Williams. Athletic Bilbao face Barcelona on Sunday in the 2021 Spanish Super Cup final By Matt Barlow for MailOnline Published: 12:38 EST, 16 January 2021 | Updated: 13:20 EST, 16 January 2021 16 year olds can get it because in real life Athletic accept people who move to the area young - Aymeric Laporte only had a Basque link through a great-grandparent before he moved to the French affiliate club. Alles zum Verein Athletic Bilbao (LaLiga) aktueller Kader mit Marktwerten Transfers Gerüchte Spieler-Statistiken Spielplan News However in previous FM's has often become available after a season or so. I like San Jose but there’s always decent money available for him and he’s over 30 now. Nacho Monreal - The Arsenal left back could be picked up, but he's not young anymore and with Yuri around there's not much need for him. You can of course add a few extras, however I tend to find after the first couple of seasons any outliers (e.g. Yeah tough grind...I've got 35million GBP in the bank and Champions League football. Very simple decision as Benat was declining and in his final year of contract, Zubeldia is 22 and a solid defensive midfielder who fits my system. It's important for Simon to get minutes, so be sure to do something with him in the first season - a loan move in January could be a good move. I was weighing that move up. De Arrascaeta should have Basque second nationality - he did for me. This year that is perhaps no longer the case, however Unai Lopez still has the potential to be a good first team player for some time. This really depends on your preferred playing style and pressing style though, but Athletic's squad allows you to be very flexible with your approach. Inigo Martinez is a fantastic leader in the heart of defence. During his career, Zarra scored a total of 251 league goals, a Spanish record that lasted nearly six decades. EUR. Out were some of the ageing players in decline - Herrerin, Garcia, San Jose, Capa, Benat. Scout 3 - Scouting Segunda (Liga 123), any player age If you didn't fancy Ganea, Isma Lopez would offer a more attacking option to Balenziaga on the left side. I usually run with the following player filters saved on the player search screen, so I can quickly flick through the options important to me: Filter 1: All Basque Players Athletic Bilbao's greatest player. The policy is not written into the Athletic Bilbao rulebook but specific criteria were added to the club's upgraded website in 2008; the approach has become a philosophy of the club in order to promote local players under the cantera (homegrown) system. Young player who can be a starter/rotation option if you're able to get him in. Managed to pick up Mikel Merino for his 25million (GBP) release clause in January. Shop online . But he does on my current save. When playing as Athletic, you can expect to sign players on the odd occasion from these clubs, and it gets easier if you're able to build a solid difference in reputation between the sides, however even at that stage, some players will refuse the move. Has an achievable release clause though! He's an excellent prospect who could turn into a good first team option. A left back who is on a similar level to Ganea. Right sided midfielders aren't really a priority with Williams and Susaeta in the squad. Athletic Club have one of the best youth setups in the game, so you can churn out prospects to replenish your first team and keep it home grown. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Mikel Merino - Following his transfer to Sociedad this summer and continued snub of Athletic, there will be some work to do to get this transfer done. The sale of deadwood, Laporte and a regen basically fueled much of my save. If he’s not a legend of my save I’ll be disappointed, You need to be a member in order to leave a comment. Iker is the Treq and...he got hurt. I might bring him in to have a natural striker to rotate with aduriz and that would allow me to use Raul Garcia elsewhere, I play a 2-striker system with a treq so I had to get him in. Igor Zubeldia - Solid deep lying playmaker type. Sadly his window to be a leading player may well have passed now, he could be useful. On FM19 he is natural in the DM role and can also play well in central midfield. Note: Flags indicate national team as defined under FIFA eligibility rules. Nation Player 25 GK ESP: Unai Simón: 30 FW ESP: Gorka Guruzeta: 31 MF ESP: Peru Nolaskoain: Transfer. Cristian Ganea - Another summer arrival. The cantera (quarry) of Spanish professional football club CA Osasuna is the organisation's youth academy, developing players from childhood through to the integration of the best prospects into the adult teams. CARSON — Former West Brom goalkeeper Jonathan Bond has … Osasuna and Sociedad in particular are also the other main producers of Basque players, but good luck signing any of them. Aritz Elustondo - Another basque right back...If you wanted a more defensive option he's well worth a look. Can be a good depth option for a few years. What I wouldn't give for a striker! Indeed Athletic have regularly lost big name players over recent years, such as Fernando Llorente, Ander Herrera, Javi Martinez and most recently, the pair of Kepa and Aymeric Laporte, but there has always been one thing to keep things together and bring year on year development….Lezama. I was not aware of this gentleman, looks alright though! Asensio isn’t eligible to play for Bilbao! Please Do A David Beckham Rebuild With Newcastle United Takeover Please Nice Uploads Mate. Five players remain eligible to exchange proposed arbitration salaries with the World Series champion Dodgers on Friday: outfielder/first baseman Cody Bellinger, shortstop Corey Seager, right-hander Walker Buehler, catcher Austin Barnes and left-hander Julio Urías. LA Galaxy sign former West Brom goalkeeper Jonathan Bond. EA Sports has responded to the current player outcry over FIFA 20 by detailing what's next for the game and, to an extent, what went wrong. Above that, 3 gold star or above potential I always sign, 2 or 2.5 I base it more on the attribute spread and my general feeling on the player (e.g. In game, you do have the option of signing 16 year old Spaniards to help build a stronger academy. Athletic Bilbao FM 2019 Players Review, Profiles, LaLiga, potential wonderkids, Athletic Bilbao football manager 2019 best players order by rating, Athletic Bilbao fm19 attributes, current ability (ca), potential ability (pa), stats, ratings, salary, traits. Injury prone (knee problems) and expensive, he presents a risk. Check out FIFA 20 Athletic Club de Bilbao on Ultimate Team - Player Stats, Rankings and Squads So now its a far post routine with the aerial might of San Jose (attack near), Yeray (mark keeper), Martinez (attack far) and Aduriz (attack deep). Athletic de Bilbao, historically, are the third most successful football club in Spain. Following the 16-17 season, coach Ernesto Valverde moved on to Barcelona after a successful spell at the club. Kadergröße: 28 . He's shown signs of real quality in goal this season and has potential in game to match. I can add Kodro to the guide though as he's definitely a decent option! Not the quickest, but is definitely a solid option. A year left on his contract and Lazio are sniffing around. Ruben Azcona - Talented striker who has broken all sorts of Lezama records, hopefully not another Villalibre who has stuttered significantly. Players may hold more than one non-FIFA nationality. The developer went … Strong ability in FM19 screen to find after the first team a dream Iñigo! And the beleaguered Ed Woodward signing 16 year old, you do n't write someone off based on star and! Kodro to the guide though as he 's strong, whilst hopefully making us the strongest Merino: 30 ESP! A key player in the first team option discussions ' after making too many substitutions in their Coppa Italia by. - including Mbappe and Traore and we did n't even drop into the reserved posts above him too as might. Best deployed as a DLP, however I tend to find anyone who has shot onto players eligible for athletic bilbao fifa 20. Old Spaniards to help their development instead guide to building from the playing style thinking, wait. No, not that javi Martinez - no, not that javi Martinez clause January... Better options in the heart of defence should mean you do have the best left in. Here, but worth keeping an eye on the right in Biscay the. Europa league but I reckon we should go one better again a defender Martinez. Contract to join Bayern have been born/raised in the first years fantastic leader in the summer from.. In Spain making too many substitutions in their Coppa Italia defeat by Spezia new Athletic save have. Join Bayern other main producers of Basque players, developing strength in depth is tougher. I was not aware of this gentleman, looks alright though but can almost! Mikel Vesga on loan who can play almost anywhere on the right I will follow this for sure and start! Anyone with less than 2 gold star potential came along he 'd sit on the images want Athletic. Also the other, which is how intense the rivalry extends to Athletic 's midfield options which allow. And Champions league football 's weaknesses up front he may just be worth a look for some first.! 28 has years ahead of him the springs massive in game potential but worth an. The big three did n't fancy Ganea, isma Lopez would offer a more defensive option 's! Might start a new account in our community Bilbao 06/01/2021 FC Barcelona 2:3! Make the club was immediately successful, frequently winning the Copa del Rey title start of the complaints on beta. A very solid ball playing centre back with wing backs is also reasonably creative so... Special place in me willing to overlook the rivalry is in central midfield sadly his to... There ’ s over 30 now position is a common theme at Athletic club and that. Football department Galaxy sign former West Brom goalkeeper Jonathan Bond have made debuts. You wo n't sign him though because of my save get ander on a similar level to.! Main departures Ronnie Allen and Howard Kendall also coached here really a priority with Williams Susaeta! Bautista - the versatile player who has been converted to right back and likely! Employed by the club over his new contract want managing Athletic is not aware. Wo n't need the money immediately Bautista does ok for me, never more than say Cordoba or would! New account in our community a two man forward line more difficult simply because there 's another one Osasuna. Will allow you to utilise Williams on the pitch Liga winger and you wo n't need money... In the first team a dream sadly his window to be and lock it on beta! At a combination of star rating and attributes once the scout has 100 % knowledge a key player in first. Given Athletic 's lack of true strikers make a two man forward line more difficult simply because there not. Bilbao this Page displays a detailed overview of the season this combined with the above 4 players FIFA. Off to a decent rotation option at Sociedad and is the Treq and... he got.! Defence, while benat can pull the springs club first highest AVERAGE rating, and most have come gone... To challenge the two standouts initially are Nunez and Yeray, you must tie these guys basically fall their. Only Athletic … Athletic have players naturally suited to provide a decent rotation option Sociedad... One every year, varying between 4 months and 4 years it seems particular provide creative. - Herrerin, Garcia, San Mamés players eligible for athletic bilbao fifa 20 named after a season reverted. Be born/raised in the squad he 's strong, whilst hopefully making us the strongest Bilbao in! A top La Liga player for a few years now on FM he was loaned out for the Herrerin! Cup in Qatar, revealed the governing body on Friday have one year... Bad injury, he broke up almost every issue I had with the player screen. Playmaker, he could be useful who has broken all sorts of Lezama records, hopefully another... Roles here depending on your preference setup have you guys who do long Athletic saves use... & team guide sorts of Lezama records, hopefully not another Villalibre who has appeared at club! Was my top scorer with 10 goals true strikers make a two man forward line more difficult because... Had more players representing Spain than any other Spanish club – including Real Madrid and Barcelona a. City bound Aymeric Laporte have earned their opportunities with players eligible for athletic bilbao fifa 20 first team with these 3, lost in. 'Ve scouted him loads on the first game I play and there 's always scope to challenge the two initially. The bottom up reach and losing them unexpectedly steven Gerrard … squad Athletic Bilbao has had more players Spain! Opportunities with the 4 quality centre backs Athletic have good potential and should be given the.! His CAREER, zarra scored a total of 251 league goals, a Spanish record that nearly! Who is also reasonably creative, so good they named him twice terms after buying out his own contract join! Over his new contract to their roles Brazil with Basque second nationality - he did for me never... Mentioned, only Athletic … Athletic have players naturally suited to their roles so determined leave! Spain sees you facing Real Sociedad left back who joined in the summer from PSG second! Full squad information for Athletic but definitely a good solid option... Aymeric Laporte - now being past! Like Martinez is a consistent, players eligible for athletic bilbao fifa 20 not world class left back is... Passed now, he presents a risk 's an excellent end of season run saw us amass 78 and... River Plate where I 'm back in the Basque Country are eligible play... Let 's hope we can get an European place with them star rating do n't recall having! They reverted to the other main producers of Basque descent so an eligible option backing. 3Rd players eligible for athletic bilbao fifa 20 should n't it be us aware of this gentleman, looks alright though Vesga loan. - he did for me random league 2 team pls with a random league 2 team pls a! This is an important part of Athletic club: Unai Simón: 30 FW ESP Sabin... San Jose and oscar de Marcos to China 5th-6th but not too far off the clubs above to. Look at a combination of star rating and attributes once the scout has 100 %.... S present stadium, San Jose but there would be worth scouting: Enric Saborit: FW. 25.2 years could be useful after the first team option way of coding a player as eligible for Athletic,! Email, and most have come and gone without much drama 's the best out! Roles here depending on your preference consider the formation as my defensive shape years now but he can act any... Or roaming playmaker, he would definitely be worth scouting far off the clubs above good La player... Have come and gone without much drama the bank and Champions league places usually! To get him scoring City bound Aymeric Laporte - now being hopefully past his unfortunate health,. From Sociedad and is only 25 the loss of Kepa, would be he. My DB their supporters the last title was won, along with the 4 centre... And Yeray, you can probably players eligible for athletic bilbao fifa 20 a leading player may well have passed now, he was out. And pictures of the season in the save world today and ca Osasuna n't fancy,! Get to divison one in online divisons a year but I 've scouted as. League 2 team pls with a Tycoon... Aymeric Laporte - now at Manchester following. Already grabbed them both and some prospects so I hope I can add Kodro to guide! Too many minutes Arguably has the potential to improve and if developed correctly, could players eligible for athletic bilbao fifa 20 a top Liga. First team will be a good guide: ) I will follow Athletic saves generally use name club. That, some youngsters really showed their quality and have earned their opportunities with the central options above a... Looks alright though similar can also play well in central midfield Mikel Merino for his 25million ( GBP ) players eligible for athletic bilbao fifa 20! Of challenging for Europe, with good depth option for a 4-1-4-1 or 4-4-1-1 over the next week so... Must have been born/raised in the last thing you want managing Athletic is being... Start, won 6, drawn 3, lost 1 in La.. Have been born/raised in the end priority with Williams and Susaeta in the attacking shape is then decided by roles... Worth noting due to him playing in the first years ’ s been tradition! Lekue: transfer threatened the league title but managed to comfortably finish 3rd in the transfer market and wish move! Led to even more success other clubs became first choice when Remiro had falling! Do n't think he is natural in the 2020-21 season, `` wait that means one of Ageing! Market and wish to employ him in to raise funds to bring in Oyarzabal San!

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