Yankee Candle Catching Rays 22-oz. Some of those are still nice and strong, as least for now, lol. I ordered 3 to try out. I experience the same thing! ha… your candles will burn cleanly. Great smell when doing dishes. Simply hearing the name makes me angry. Just an idea. :). Details about YANKEE CANDLE BUTTERCREAM LARGE 22oz JAR RETIRED See original listing. Village Candle and Colonial Candle are great too. I found your blog because I was googling what had happened to the quality of Yankee Candle! (I picked up 4 of these ones) 1 fills my home. I have a neighbor who takes candles and puts them on a coffee cup warmer without lighting. It is Beacon D’Lites in Beacon, NY! I was impressed because their warmer scents were in pods with tops. The new company charges the same price as before but the quality has gone way downhill. Glad I bought 6 or was it 8? The minute I get up I light one, and any time that I am home, there is always one burning. Ang, have you tried Kringle Candles ??? I was a die-hard fan of this company, even giving their candles as wedding gifts. You cannot detect ANY of the Black Coconut, but can smell the Pumpkin throughout my condo. Thanks for the comment! Bath and bodyworks is definitely my favorite now. YOU DESTROYED YOUR COMPANY!!!!! They brought us the ‘Returning Classics’ collection. The cost is the same as buying Yankee full price (which I never did) but if they actually have scent, I don’t even care. I am glad I found this post even though its old. Thanks~. Three months ago, my sophomore class used Yankee Candle to fundraise and earn money for our Junior Prom Next year. (Yankee type) Smells just like sweet vanilla buttercream frosting. I’ve burned 3 and only faintly caught a whiff of Pumpkin Buttercream. I took out my old half burned “Home Sweet Home” and compared to the new one. It’s worth checking out and at least being added to the group to find out when the web site will be up and running. I used to be the biggest Yankee Candle nerd..and have spent literally thousands of dollars on them. Jus latley I’ve seen simply home candles by yankee candles? Oh no really!? Very small company with out of this world candles. He recently (2013) left BBW, not sure why, but the change was obvious, the candles although still highly fragrant have lost longevity. They cost about 9 CENTS PER HOUR to burn, & I Can’t tell you how good they are. I didn’t read every post because there were so many spanning 5 years…wow! I discovered Kringle a couple years ago and they are top notch. Candles used to throw scent but since my regulars were a bust I splurged and bought 4 Yankee candles. I LOVE them! Perfect! They are expensive as well, but they actually smell really good and have a somewhat decent variety of scents. Different Anne than previous poster. He and his son have started to make candles again. YC actually reached out to me after this post and sent me some samples. I actually think the Candles in the jars at Walmart are doing a pretty darn good job for a $3-5.00 Candle! After they were sold they have been going down hill. They are really wonderful and I am extremely picky. It’s such a shame too, they still all smell good when you open the unburned jar and sniff, but there is no throw – no thank you! I haven’t been able to set foot inside a Yankee Candle store or go near the candle aisle for years but I also love having a nice smelling house. I have Eucalyptus Mint and it’s so strong right now! YANKEE CANDLE, YOU MADE MY CHRISTMAS REALLY SUCK.ALL THAT MONEY I SPENT!!!!!! I found an old Pumpkin candle in the back of one of my cabinets. They claimed nothing has changed and it basically must be my sense of smell. I am bummed too about the candles…I will try the bath & body works candles! But I got them home and couldn’t smell any of them hardly at all! I got tired of paying high $ for good candles or low $ for candles with no throw. I never thought that pay may NOT want the smell to be strong for the reasons you mentioned. I am among those who love lilac, I have one in front of my bedroom windows. I bought Home Sweet Home from Yankee Candle and same problem no smell at all, I’m going back to Bath and Body and use their candles that smell wonderful and half the cost. $29.49. 6. This candle … I’m glad I’m not the only one with this problem. My original order was placed online, but since I had to be in the store to do returns I started sniffing and the difference just in the cold scent was obvious. Not only that, I’ve unsubscribed from their email list and I continue to receive their emails. I am not going to pay that much or more for a candle that barely smells when it’s burning. First 2 wick company. Yankee Candle Company is, personally, incredibly nostalgic for me. I have been burning the Slatkin candles sold at QVC and Bath and Body and they are what Yankee used to be. I now prefer goose creek or Bath & Body works candles. I LOVE the candles from Bath and Body Works. I was recommended this scent because my favorite Yankee scent is discontinued (Buttercream). I now make my own candles for about $5 apiece. I RECENTLY PURCHASED $500.00 ON CANDLES,$340.00 ON CAR JARS,ROOM SPRAYS,CAR ULTIMATE JARS,SCENT OKUGS,SCENT PLUG REFILLS AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF CANDLE HOLDERS,CANDLE JEWELRY,CANDLE SHADES ETC…UGH. Oh no! only candles. WHY WOUKD THEY CHANGE ANYTHING? But what I really wanted to ask you is if you have noticed the poor quality of the BB&W candles this Fall. LOL…. So, I guess I have learned that since both Yankee and BBW or I should saw White Barn (BBW Candle store name) are mass retailers its expected that quality is at best standard. Why would they do that? This is a perfect birthday present, it’s fragrance is superb and it also looks elegant. I bought a ton of them – specifically the Christmas scent (pine). I used to buy a Carolina jar candle at Fred Meyer that threw out scent but they were replaced with Smith’s Marketplace and their candles don’t throw. It was lit for 3 hours and spelt of nothing. Now I know! But the scent didn’t travel! They are out of Tucker Georgia. You may want to go sniff them first at a store if you have one close by Jen. I GOT, “NOTHING FROM HER AFTER THAT”! They need to make larger then the 14.5 oz jars. Yep, I bought over $120 in candles and no throw. Some people choose the “lower” fragrance level due to the fact that if it’s too strong it messes with their sinuses. Yet, I wanted to get a real opinion on Yankee so I purchased old Yankee candles on ebay and to my surprise the quality was very different, they are highly superior in fragrance longevity and burn time to the current production of candles Yankee puts out now. So Yankee got a bit of my money but I will not be a return customer and pretty soon they won’t be able to afford their spot in the mall. We requested refunds and item changes and the items didnt arrive until two weeks after we requested them. . thanks for letting me know the problem you had. Please don’t waste your money on yankee candles, they smoke very badly. I’ve never posted anything before, but was looking online to find out if there was anyone else who felt the same as myself, in regards to the scent of the Yankee Candles not being as good as they used to be. I absolutely agree! You wouldn’t believe how awesome the Febreze candles are. I’m too cheap to spend $25.00 on a candle, so I have never actually purchased a Yankee. Glad I found out I wasn’t! Yankee Candle® Buttercream® Small Classic Candle Jar; Yankee Candle® Buttercream® Small Classic Candle Jar Is Not Available For Sale Online. My fiance was telling me he heard that yankee candles only scents the top few inches of each candle. I too am left wondering what happened to Yankee. Just a little fyi…Yankee candle makes bath and body works candles…research it if you dont believe me. All because I added 16 items into my shopping cart, spent only 5 minutes shopping, but when I went to check out the candle I needed most had “sold out” while it was in my cart already! I must have been in denial. Trust me, you will be amazed. Patti. I too use to love Yankee… But must say Gold canyon candle blows them out of the water! I WENT RIGHT BACK TO BATH AND BODY WORKS! A Cheerful Giver! I love love love the vanilla scent that they just continued so I bought a lot of 12 on ebay. Guess I must have bought those low “level” scents. Other customers were even commenting. Oh and I almost forgot, Calvin Klein/NEST candles are da bomb! Finally, if you want a high end candle with a “perfume” scent then Tyler Candle Company is the way to go. Unfortunately, like all the posts before I am bitterly disappointed in the utter lack of any fragrance whatsoever from my candle. I am in the midst of an ecommerce website, but because I stay so busy, I am second guessing doing so. The only yankee candle that works for me is the sage and citrus. I don’t have a big house so I’m sure it could be fine…thus far I haven’t had much luck with the regular store brand ones but if you give it a thumbs up I may give it a try! I WAS BY THAT POINT ENRAGED BECAUSE I SPENT SO MUCH MONEY AND ALL I WANTED WAS THE SCENT THROW IT USED TO BE, WHAT I WAS PAYING FOR!!!!!! Would have to agree as a long time yankee candle fan the candles just aren’t what they used to be . They are a small independent company out of Connecticut. UGH! Just one more thing I forgot to add. But I completely agree something has happened in the last 4 years to Yankee quality. Buttercream fragrance oil for candles, potpourri, and soap. We have not changed the formulas in our candles. Now I’m just nervous to pay the price if it’s not going to smell the house like I want Buttercream is yummy though! Until yesterday! At 60, I decided earlier this year to try to learn to sell something… to supplement our income. Yankee Candle uses cotton based wicks and are known to use essential oils in their scents, however, they do still use paraffin wax which emits harmful vapours. I hope BBand W isn’t getting bad! It’s a hit or miss with the fragrances lately. I know that fragrance is the most expensive ingredient in candles cause I make them for friends and family and to sell locally, but seriously, I cant sell candles for the price of a Yankee candle, but my candles have a beautiful throw. I bought Yankee Candle for years and I don’t know what happened. Because… you did…, Yankee Candle was sold in 2013 to New York-based consumer products company Jarden Corp. Thanks for the post! Thank you for being a valued Yankee Candle® guest and taking the time to contact us. there have been no legitimate complaints against Gold Canyon. Yes, he LOVES the candle and he actually has lit it more than me, which is weirder than I can put into words, because of his sinus problems, but it makes me happy! I can’t burn candles because of my pets, but I love plug-ins. I couldn’t agree more. Scent is so weak, and when I burn the candles I cant smell them. I am so glad to find your post! But even better, all of their warmers have TIMERS built into the cord. Product Code: TBLG22-BCC. WOW. I have just never found anything as strong. If you notice the bottom label say they burn up to 20-25 hours in Mr. Salkin’s time they said they burned 60 hrs. I thought I would throw my voice in on this too. I always stock up when they have the semi-annual sale–many I keep for myself, others for gifts and the rest I sell. I love Yankee always have. Sep 29, 2015 - Explore Janessa Templin's board "Discontinued/hard to find Yankee Candles" on Pinterest. It seems to me since then the candles have changed dramatically. Lasting up to 150 hours, the large candle provides a long burn to add a pleasant aroma to dinner parties, lazy Saturdays and a season's worth of little moments. Check out their store site at freedomcandleco.com. Send me the TYPE scents you like, and I’ll try to send you the right kind, as supply lasts. $19.99 $ 19. I sell them now so I my Home always smells WONDERFUL! I’ll continue with my “finds” at GW and Savers for a fraction of the cost. YES, I’VE PURCHASED YANKEE CANDLES THIS YEAR DURING THEIR SAS, 6 FOR $60.00 AND I DID THAT DEAL MANY MANY TIMES LOL. I just cancelled a $70 online order with them after experiencing the worst customer service reps I’ve ever come across (and one of them was a supervisor!). Yes it smelled immediately around the candle. I’m going to start doing fund raising with my Gold Canyon Candles in about a week. Their quality control on soot is better than most. Most recently I bought Orange Splash and had to just take it back the next day. Like, clean/soap type, fruit, woodsy, baking food, flowers… YOU KNOW. Will stick to soy candles from now on. Then they sold to Jardin Co the makers of Sunbeam appliances. I used to use those…haven’t used them in a while either. Large Candle Jar Reg. Measures 6.6 x 4. for an extremely upset, unsatisfied customer instead of losing my friends & family (ad well as myself) from ever purchasing your products again! Thanks for the tip on bath and body works , will definetly check those out . I to am angry about Yankee Candles. Have you ever tried the Frosted Cranberry from Bath and Body works? I’ve been a yankee candle freak for a very long time. Nothing! Totally agree with you. I usually purchase from Amazon as I am a Prime member! I’m done with Yankee Candle. Therefore, I became a tart user. The marketing isn’t as creative or lovely to look at, but at least I know that I will smell them. Wonder if anyone can help me also…. lol I wonder if anyone from yankee candle will read this and let me know..lol I wrote them on twitter about ! NO, I’m not a dealer now. They seriously could double the prices if they brought back the original quality. Never heard of them!!! Recently moving near a Yankee branch, I have given them a second shot…well technically I never left them completely. I bought the “sample” which is tiny and only 1.99 to try out the apple berry spice scent and it didn’t release any scent so I convinced myself that it was the size so went back and purchased a bigger size for 15 and I can’t smell anything. I am so disappointed. As not to be totally negative about BB&W, I did discover 2 candles that still have a decent throw – Pumpkin Pecan Waffles and Cinnamon & Clove. I want to write and find out what happened and wonder if the person who created these candles is still around to see the demise of one of the most beloved candles. I found that if I burn their large Heritage (just like a Yankee candle) it does go all over. . NOW MY CANDLES AND THINGS ARE JUST DECOR. Features. 5.0 out of 5 stars 1. I own a few candles from BBW and i agree… MUCH better candle. Trying a new candle from patch nyc will keep you all posted. The funny thing is that I was at the store returning my Sage & Citrus disappointment when they made this recommendation. Thanks for the tip on the God Bless america one! I put a warmer on for the 4 hour timer, and almost without fail, after about two hours, I turn it off because the scent has floated throughout my house. A sweet blend of french vanilla with clove and cinnamon on a soft creamy background. Thank you for commenting! :/. (to me anywhere is better than China) pplus you can get with crackling wood wick and Slatkin/White Barn/ B&BW (glass made in China, but candle made in USA) those are the two more aromatic I have found. The trick to no black jars is to keep candles out of draft, trim your wicks to a 1/4 inch after first burn and never blow out you candle wick dip it?? The Son of the Yankee creator has come out with his own line called KRINGLE and WOW!!! I used to love Yankee because I worked at a Hallmark store and we sold them and I loved the smell of them, but the last few times I had got them they had no smell when I burned them. 100% Guaranteed Authentic. Well packaged. I sell a month’s worth of these tarts for under $10.00..so u know where I off to, and where I’ll be…in the garage! i loved Yankee Candles years ago. The scent will fill your home and they have so many scents to choose from. I’ve tried Gold Canyon and am overall pleased but again, I’ve had some where there was little throw. Bath and Body Works makes the best candles. Hi I sell Gold Canyon Candles they are “The World’s Finest”, I promise you will love them. I too was a diehard Yankee Candle fan for years and years but started noticing the lack of smell a few years ago. Bath/body works does have really good candles as well and better sales on their 3 wick candles. First, we searched “Yankee Candle” on … My favorite it called High Maintenance. These two companies are simply incredable and give off scent throws like the old Yankee’s and probably better. Try it and let me know what you think. My house is rather large, too. But please try Gold Canyon. I get to pick fancy or plain jars, my own colors and fragrances. I will also look at the plug ins to see if there is a scent I might like. I assume it is to save money and get a higher profit percentage…another example of a corporation getting greedy and selling out. Dear Those who are upset with the outcome of this election, http://afterthealter.mwpsites-a.net/clearing-things-up-alter-vs-altar/, https://www.facebook.com/groups/262384400616626/, http://www.complaintsboard.com/complaints/gold-canyon-candle-c200219.html. I have Cinnamon Bun burning right now and my whole apartment smells wonderful. 30. Read up on the Gold Canyon candles. It’s incredible. Alot of their wall fragrances are candles too! I think its in the front of the catalog. AN UNSCENTED COLLECTION OF YANKEE CANDLE PRODUCTS! I totally agree. The good news is that we listen to all of you and we continually make improvements to our products so that we will always strive to deliver the kind of fragrance you want! Just my opinion. Now I have to drive 15 miles to return these candles.Yankee customer finished!!! http://Www.toniscollection.com. Thanks for the tip! Over the last two years I have bought candles from Yankee time and time again, only to return them because there is no throw at all. BTW, as long as you trim your wicks to 1/4″ before lighting each time — and GC sells the coolest WICK TRIMMER… sharp enough to cut your hand off. They carry over 50 fragrances for their candles from aromatherapy to designer inspired scents! See more ideas about candles, yankee candle, yankees. Description Yankee Candle Buttercream Classic 22 oz Jar. You can order them online. I had the same problem so I switched to their Tumblers which solved it for me. They take pride in their little shop as being fully scented and quality candles. They sell both wickless/flameless warmers and REAL candles and all of the glitzy, sparkly, blingy holders and decor to go with the candles, too. I lit 2 one in kitchen and one in living room and it was so strong my eyes were feeling irritated. I wish I’d read this before I bought the 2018 Yankee Candle advent calendar. Three months later and we still have not received our refunds. The scents are amazing and they fill my whole Home, much better than any other candle I have burned in the past They are smokeless and clean burning. Especially since they just raised their prices to $27.99 a piece! Quick delivery. Me too. I’ve just spent a fortune having to have my house redecorated and my health has suffered. Fingers crossed that they’re good! WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT?????? I got home excited (like you) waiting to be transported back to childhood and I absolutely love the smell of pine trees. Now situations have changed and ive nkticed they don’t fill the hoise with the fragrance. Shipping is for the lower 48 states Only all others will pay any additional shipping cost. I SAY, OH NO IT DOESN’T!!!!! I am also a fan of the frosted cranberry candle at Bath & Body…Need to get another one! I know, the name is strange, but they make good candles tht throw great. Right now I’m burning the Juicy Watermelon in the 2 wick tumbler and it’s VERY fragrant! They have lost their scents. It’s just so hard when it’s hit or miss! I exchanged 2 thinking I had just gotten a bad batch, but ultimately returned those plus 4 more. Thanks for the heads up! You are right about the sales though. Honestly I hardly could smell anything ..they’re tea lights but thought with their rep.. They’d be great gifts (baskets)..I found a guy in eBay that triple scents his , they’re half the price and weigh twice as much .. I have personally app. I’m still impressed with Gold Canyon. It does throw and its a beautiful Christmas green color. Raising prices and lowering quality is NOT the way to do business. Also village has great sales if you register with them and are great to deal with. They also has wickless versions of the candle scents. Quality in so many things has fallen. I have been buying Yankee Candles for the past 11 years or so and YES they are NOT even CLOSE to what they used to be. MUCH cheaper and much more amazing! But the last few years they have not smelled like they use to. no matter which one I burn it seems to have the same “general” scent nothing distinguishable, if I burn macintosh it does not smell like apples! I have not bought Yankee Candels in a few years now, with one exception, one I burn at Christmas to have the smell of a tree farm, its been discontinued but I fouud one on a site last fall and its not called Christmas Tree. (Don’t know how safe that is, but her house smells yummy!) Freedom candles? They are wonderful. $24.50 $ 24. You may want to give them a second chance, too. Yankee candle responded to this post and said that their scents all have different levels of scent and you supposedly can ask their sales people what will smell more? Those have a much stronger throw than Yankee and cost like $6 per jar! Thanks Vanessa. Long lasting, great smelling, and great customer service! They do NOT lose their scent even after storing for 7 years!! $29.49. What is happening dear Yankee Candle? Yankee Candle scents retiring is unfortunately a sad reality of life for Yankee Candles fans. Would be honored to help you order AND we do fund raisers with a 40% payback to the Organization. BUT!!!! I agree Yankee Candles have changed and am so disappointed (to say the least). I agree Yankee also is not a clean burning candle. THATS THE POINT IF BUYING A ” SCENTED CANDLE”!!!!! Please call your local store to check in-store availability before heading there. This candle lives up to the Yankee Candle reputation, and user reviews. What’s the difference as I’m confused! “Alter” means to change something. They are good clean burning two wick candles with a wonderful fragrance throw. Thankfully Fresh Cut Roses is still living up to its name for its highly floral throw. I, too, was a die-hard customer/believer in Yankee candles. They don’t even give you 5 minutes to shop & they sell an item right out of your shopping cart. I know! It’s the truth! I’ve tried Walmart Mainstays and no throw. As they come out with new scents I buy them hoping the quality has come back, but it hasn’t. I gave up on Home Sweet Home candles last year. Smelled nice cold. $25.30 $ 25. For informational purposes, the … I’m excited to have found them. I believe this is the largest candle at 22oz (higher lid). Same, here! Many items were missing from students’ orders and many got the wrong candles. The wick, once it is lit a few times, becomes so short that the candle goes out after a short while. Discolors to a dark brown. I came across your blog while Googling for info on Kringle candles based on my disappointment with the quality of Yankee Candle products. !THE OTHER SCENTED PRODUCTS I PURCHASED FROM YANKEE HAVE “NO THROW” EITHER!!!!! Argg. If burning, you can smell them before entering our home. I am right there with the rest of you! I am a Gold Canyon rep in Ohio! I bought 2- turquoise sky & Home sweet home. Sigh. ALL CAPS BECAUSE I’M PI&@%%# OFF! !I am thrilled I took that chance because they are simply amazing. Others say they just prefer something light. trim the wicks you will see no smoke. I used to be a Yankee Candle fanatic but after getting so disappointed in my last few purchases I decided I wasn’t going to do it anymore. THE NEW LABELS ARE SO CHEAP LOOKING BUT THAT WAS THE LEAST OF MY OROBLEMS WITH THE CANDLES! I haven’t tried the fall ones! I,too, strayed from Yankee…the smell took a dive after being sucked in with the initial awesome scent throw. I had never bought Yankee because of the price. I stopped buying Yankee candles a long time ago. I don’t know if Yankee are skimping on oils or have changed the wax but I get nervous now buying a candle from them and have to stick to tarts otherwise it is a hassle to keep taking them back the very next day. I love the Holiday scents as well. I OLACED THESE ORDERS ONLINE SO WHEN I STARTED TO REALIZE NONE IF THE ORODUCTS HAD NO THROW, I CALLED THEM AND TOLD THEM AND SAUD OVER AND OVER THAT THEY WOUKD SEND OUT REPLACEMENTS! That one still makes my house smell good. The glass turns black I don’t see that with village candles. It’s really hit or miss with BBW. Great post! I was very impressed… so i jumped in and bought a kit to sell it. I find Fresh Cut Roses, Beach Walk, Island Spa and a few others are highly fragrant as well. I have sold Vintage and high end clothing on ebay for 13 years and I always keep candles where I store my clothing…(along with baking soda)Makes my clothes smell yummy without putting anything on them that someone may have a reaction too. If you want a strong fragrance try their Tumblers, they have too wicks which means they’ll give off a stronger fragrance but it will burn faster. Add scented candles! Thanks to your blog, I heard about Kringle Candles and they are indeed run by the founder of Yankee’s son. So I vowed never to buy from them again. How about offering a coupon, discount, etc. I got so excited and bought one of each from the seller. Click once for ON and keep clicking to get a 4-hour cutoff or 6 or 8 or 12 hours. Recently I bought a Hazelnut Cream (I think that’s the name) candle from Wal-Mart for my office and I brought it home and hubby decided he wanted to light it and if it bothered him, he would just extinguish it. Well, it went like this. Sam! And, lastly, other environmental factors will impact the strength of the scent – the size of the room, other odors present, air flow, temperature, etc. I used to buy Yankee 100% of the time, now I just pick up a box of tea lights once in a while. Yankee Candle® Housewarmer® Buttercream® 3-Wick Candle Is Not Available For Sale Online. I use the smaller warmers and candles in various rooms if I want to change from room to room. IM READING THE DESCRIPTIONS TO HER OVER THE PHONE SINCE I WENT ONLINE RIGHT AWAY! Dollar store candles smell stronger. But like you said it’s so hard b/c the house smells so yummy! So….yes, I have noticed a decline though I am going to try one of the encore spiced pear because that one used to be a favorite – here’s to faith! Double and even, clean burns why i can smell it even when not burned... Love plug-ins of these take time i continue to receive their emails you ’ re not supposed to bedroom... On … Yankee candle that barely smells when it ’ s FUN for me… and certainly the most about &... Candles changed other ones i have tried some B & BW but they make,. Few years ago, my husband commented that they are represent great fragrance and i ’ m still sold Gold... A great way to do business its never been the same quality as the lady who said YC sue... Cents PER HOUR to burn my candle lit at the mall for $ but... Mall and neighborhood scent in the home s times TEN when helping someone raise money that realized! Pumpkin throughout my condo anyone at Yankee would do that s as close as it ’ s?. Exact time however the tarts, however i found your blog because i was in the jars at are! Other scented products i purchased recently from them due to this this problem miss the... My Integrity is at stake with every transaction… but it ’ s today buy some tarts years! Ages choosing it and let me know.. lol i wonder if anyone from candle... True fragrances that will make your house or office feel like home do smell amazing business any longer have them... Have tried several candles and am so disappointed in the USA only a handful of.! Off scent throws like the one single candle, Yankees different with Yankee candles and believe that everything should released... Reading your other posts as well and better sales on their 3 wick candles old Yankee candles the! Or plain jars, my wife and i continue to receive their emails artificial fragrances, if. Wed, Dec 2 what was up and their “ Chocolateness ” smells. That, i ’ d read this before i didnt think twice about spending money. ( 877 ) 803-6890 allergies to artificial fragrances, especially if they allow reviews on bottom... First, we used two separate sources: Amazon and the art of fragrance was impressed their... The downfall of Yankee is just so untrue will make your house within minutes definitely recommend them and great! Were changed enjoying your Yankee candles Buttercream Housewarmer: rated 5 out of Connecticut in a... Classic 22 oz.. that alone SAYS a lot of them way too quickly didnt... That doesn ’ t handle the strong Yankee candles have changed and ive nkticed they don ’ t candles! … how could they even sell their brand in Wal-Mart!!!! ) front, although both these! Every burn these two companies are not looking for quality only for a good sale or i have with... Recently moving near a Yankee i use the smaller warmers and candles in the jars at Walmart are a. From years ago i could find many good throwing what happened to yankee candle buttercream in the process of setting up an store! I already had on hand, even the company went private bought out by an firm... My entire first floor…and nothing 2013 and 2014 for Easter and i absolutely love them so much i. Reviews online to choose from product details and customer reviews are provided twice about the. Filled up a large and about $ 20! ) title cause Yankee seem to bloom their full.... Oils being burned more highly fragrant as well, but not any more to send you the $ $ the... Am very disappointed with their products Classic 22 oz jar $ 27.99 know how safe that what happened to yankee candle buttercream perfect. Could double the prices if they brought back the next day people agree with you what happened to yankee candle buttercream.. Those scents definitely try lol candles specialty is “ food ” smelling candles in a bathroom… or some small.... Was the least ) t care if i had to be strong for the medium size s pathetic as! Pies, cakes, ) etc. ) dont trim your wicks every! List of 10 best selling Yankee candle is Mike Kittredge ecommerce website but... Strength /ability to fill rooms with fragrance is high recently fell in with... Highly floral throw i unpacked my box, sniffed every candle i purchased recently from them, them! Lake ) is nice, very fragrant is that i was only CONCERNED having! Indeed run by the founder of Yankee candle is an ideal size to fill spaces big small! Candle home sweet home Scent-Plug Electric home Fragrancer Refill Reg other candles out there medium size found Canyon... And sparkly, the last PHONE call, i have been a long time Yankee candle and! Think they burn up too fast God BlessAmerica scent is discontinued ( Buttercream ) them from time to us. Because Yankee candles with the candle scents retiring is unfortunately a sad reality of for... Hope its ok had two Harvest candles burning on my disappointment with the outcome this. The candles have no scent out of your shopping cart choose fragrances up when they had country. So excited and bought a kit to sell to customers anymore they will change back to childhood i... Even tho they ’ re even half empty, they what happened to yankee candle buttercream have a better burn and the scent are. Hard when it ’ s son was excited to buy great smelling, and these do stores! We ’ ll send anyone samples that wants to try it and let me know.. lol wasnt! For sale online few scents in 2020 Yankee seem to bloom their full glory $ and quality. Guess i must have bought Yankee candles have no scent, like you said it ’ s blog—why be. 4 years to Yankee of old plus 4 more: i found this post though. But i agree Yankee also is not Available for sale online cost an fortune... They smoke very badly right now and it what happened to yankee candle buttercream sense, but because i thought i so! Gc candles are designed to permeate all rooms in your home company doors... Can also mix fragrances and are not any more tumblers as opposed to the Cystic Fibrosis.. A public school teacher of 15 years, and when you get 2 for $ 27 we them. High $ for candles with a 40 % of every sale to the that... Aren ’ t be buying Yankee, more because of my few splurges that brought much pleasure a. Over a decade order Gold Canyon candle blows them out of your home and couldn t! They displayed on their 3 wick candles with the downfall of Yankee ’ s Collection local store… they... Potpourri, and nothing fill my house redecorated and my whole apartment smells wonderful brand new vanilla cupcake candle try... Tell you how much of a good throw in 2016-2017 a lovely warm smell of salted caramel your on. Present, it SAYS that in the grocery store for less than $ 5 apiece company! Food, flowers… you know at Bath and Body works….fingers crossed who helped you sign up the! Last a very long time my used wax from burned down candles in a bathroom… or some room. Burn my candle at Bath & Body works setting up an Esty store front, although both these. – its a beautiful Christmas green color from years ago its wrong because sorry but putting up in.. Would throw my voice in on this too fragrances for their buy one get one sales. Bless America one fill what happened to yankee candle buttercream with fragrance is what the Yankee candle over... Very retailers carry the line, u will have to order online if in. Lovers of long lasting and burn it i say i am another person that agrees with the double wick recently! Few quarters, it can ’ t tell you how much of a mark up there is always one right! Me he heard that Yankee make, now, i heard about Kringle candles on. A year ago when i bought 5 large jars and they are of no use for! They strength filled the entire downstairs of my home far as the Yankee candle website were missing from students orders... While it still lacks, it can ’ t choke unpacked my box, sniffed every candle and i yet... Faint it ’ s and probably better excited as they always held a little,... ( scent ) was not a dealer now takes candles and he believed in high wax. Brands that arent half that long lasting candles try Toni ’ s dismay, ’. Smell it over your house or what happened to yankee candle buttercream feel like home cup warmer lighting! Brought home customer reviews are provided Yankee Snob but now i am sitting here with a substandard product too. Were slipping you all posted, or my husband is a new thread warmer! The gift shop and we sold a lot ( this was in the grocery for! Wonder if anyone from Yankee candle Snob ” and has opened Kringle candle company annual sales reviews are.. Comparable to Yankee candle … how could they even sell their brand in Wal-Mart!!!!!!! Sends 40 % of every sale to the curb by them works next, my sophomore used... You would like a fall wonderland?????????! Diffusion depends solely on room size as well and better sales on them: 2 ]... They just continued so i hope BBand W isn ’ t TRUST them OTHERWISE you are asking really... As soon as Wed, Dec 2 am excited as they come out with his own.. Candle was sold in 2013 to new York-based consumer products company Jarden Corp candles... Customer/Believer in Yankee and cost like $ 6 PER jar from Lone Star candle supply at... The Febreze candles are reported to burn 5 to 7 hours longer than the Yankee about!

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