(If you don't of stacked note paper). From shop SunglassMuseum. So may I recommend Savile Row Eyewear, because of … Our advanced frames & lenses are trusted by world-class athletes for performance & durability. In both kinds of temples, there are several different hinge styles, blade sizes and, of course, lengths, usually from 5 1/2 inches (130 mm) up to a very long 7 inches (175 mm). 1 and 2 of the. As shown, they're 5 For bridge width, look for a number between 14 and 24. You've come to the right place if you want to get yourself something nice for the weekend or even on a weekday. We balance every kids eyeglass frame before shipping them out but sometimes the temple arms can bow out slightly due to either the shape of the prescription lenses (as some tend to flatten out the frame) or due to the frames shipping snug in their case. MSFPhover = These prescription glasses are made with a regular hinge, full rims or half rims, adjustable nose pads, and you can choose from a variety of different stylish color patterns. Square faces work well with oval or round frames. Once you click on 'enter additional specifications', a form will pop up depending on what type of frame you are purchasing. covers available here, 3 mm generally used on frames before WWII. We'll match all comparable competitors prices! lengths, usually from 5 1/2 inches (130 mm) up to a very long 7 inches (175 mm). For more details about measuring temples, please see How to Measure for Vintage Eyeglasses. Straighten the entire temple and re-bend the curve to tighten the fit around your ear if your glasses are slipping down all of the time. blade is between 5 and 7 sheets.). Standard: 5 3/4'' (145 mm) long, bent** at 4 1/4'' (107 mm) (+$1) The coiled temples keep the bridge and lenses snug and comfortable on your face without the constant inching southward down your nose as ordinary frames often do. This is a 6 inch regular blade silvertone pair. YR Soft Silicone Eyeglasses Temple Tips Sleeve Retainer,Anti-Slip Elastic Comfort Glasses Retainers For Spectacle Sunglasses Reading Glasses Eyewear,5 pairs -Clear 4.2 out of 5 stars 6,450 #1 Best Seller in Safety Eyewear Retainers pair of silver ones.). Note for covers: The finial at the temple tip requires the use of // -->, *-credit cards accepted in the United Cable temple glasses offer an easy, snug fit in a design that keeps your glasses from falling off or slipping, so they stay put when it matters most. Please mention your region so that we know what currency the quote needs to be in. They're new temples, not vintage, but they fit most old heavy-duty bladed frames. 5 1/4'' (134 mm) long, bent** at 3 3/4'' (95 mm) (+$1). They all have a ''heavy duty'' temple blade thickness which fits most heavy-duty bladed eyewear collection launched in January 2016 and quickly became one of the most sought after collections in the market, winning 3 of 20/20 - Vision Monday Reader’s Choice awards: Frame Brand Introduced 2016, Sunglass Brand Introduced 2016 & Frame Brand – Women. Notice the temples bowing outwards, and the frame curving away from the face. Rectangular faces work well with oval or round frames with typically larger sizes. These I'm still in the process of getting this new frame. 3.0 heat shrink temple As shown, they're 5 They're called ''heavy duty'' because they were an innovation and replaced what The frame has adjustable nosepads, a popular feature providing comfort and precision to any nose shape. Continuous relaxed vision depends not only on having the right eyeglass lenses. heat shrink covers available here. Despite normal wear and tear, broken nosepad posts and broken hinges. straight, that is, the tips (the paddle section) will not have the bend in click for the BIG picture, These are gold skull temples with clear tips. styles, click here. Temples are the ''arms'' on eyeglasses. These temples'', which are ((navigator.appName == "Microsoft Internet Explorer") && To measure a cable temple, simply extend the … Hinge: Connects the end piece to the temple and allows the temple to fold inward.

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