Napier Enterprises Napier Sportz Tr... $269.99 $279.99. Utilize 15% more space than a cab-high model and save on fuel with stunning aerodynamics. Note that for all shells, rooftop dynamic load ratings may be different, sometimes significantly, from static load ratings. While they are doubtlessly better than nothing at all, a basic aluminum shell offers more security, weatherproofing, and  options for roof racks and other accessories at nearly identical cost. This is as much a feature of shell design and fitment as it is the thoroughness of the shell installer. Racks are custom fit to each camper shell and available in two styles, Standard & Low profile, (Standard with tie down rings up high) (Low Profile with tie down rings down low) the front racks are made from angle iron which helps to reduce wind noise. While the most economical choice is almost always going to be a basic aluminum camper shell, considerations such as accessory choices, roof load limits, and truck configuration all play a role. At the time we really had to consider whether or not $2600 was something we could let go of under the circumstances. An even simpler option for storage under a bed platform instead of drawers is to use low-height sliding storage boxes commonly found in college dorms. Bel-Air Camper Shells (714) 534 - 1373 Up front prices are easy to find and listed on this website. Anyone with an open-bed pickup truck has likely experienced something flying out on the highway, a sensitive load getting soaked in an unexpected rainstorm, the theft of even the most seemingly worthless items, or garbage thrown into the bed. I’m 58 and I seriously looked at a couple of the pop up soft sides to put on my dodge 1500. The typical camper trailer is a mass-produced item with a fiberglass or aluminum shell. Since camper shells are far less mechanically complex than slide-in campers, the spread of build qualities and amenities is not as vast. Wherever one’s adventures lead, a camper shell is the perfect, lightweight companion that won’t break the bank. Automotive headliner fabric is easy to find online, and can be installed using heavy-duty spray adhesive. Next. Nearly all fiberglass shells feature rooftop dynamic load ratings of 150 pounds, so if one plans on carrying heavy loads like a Jon boat or building materials, the reinforced commercial variants of fiberglass shells should be considered instead. Spice up your family camping with these 5 homemade DIY camper shell plans that you can build by yourself on your vehicles to add a sleeping bed space and all the luxury that will provide ease of travel and camping. Through this method nearly any present or future leak can be eradicated (except from egregious gaps stemming from poor fit) at the cost of bonding the camper shell to the truck bed, which complicates removal. It’s Bigfoot’s glass secret. The cheapest option which still retains some utility and aesthetic value is to cut a sheet of Plexiglas or Lexan sheet to size and to mount it with heavy-duty construction adhesive to the shell. Each one is handmade to order in Fort Collins, Colorado, using beautiful woods like western red cedar and beetle kill pine. Because I live in Texas, I went with a Leer 180 with one windoor for my 2015 Access cab. Workmate Camper Shell is what the name implies: a Workmate (helper). Side and rear windows on truck caps make driving one’s truck nearly as easy as with a bare bed, and increase comfort and ventilation while camping inside. Camper shell sleeping setups can be as simple as a sleeping bag and pad, or can feature elaborate builds with futon mattresses, slide-out drawers, and integrated heaters. Truck Camper Adventure is a free, online magazine offering truck camper news, reviews, travel tips, and more. Yakima Rack for Camper Shell. The weigted average price for a used Toyota tacoma camper shell is $3,384. One can also often buy the exact model of window from factory-direct online stores and save on labor costs instead. More exotic shells, like the Four Wheel Campers Project M and AT Overland Summit, near $10,000, but sport the utility of a small pop-up truck camper. I have searched and viewed the threads and links I could find but still have not seen a tall shell for the Titan. Buying a $10,000 shell for a truck with only 50,000 miles expected lifetime remaining, however, would add a whopping $0.20 to the per-mile lifetime cost. Regardless of the name, we offer America's Best Selling selection and have thousands of dealers to help you find the best truck cap for your lifestyle. ARE - Z series . The Z is engineered to provide the best fit and styling. They gave us $1000 in trade so our investment ended up being $1600 spread out over 6 years ($266 per year). I'm looking for a good used tall camper shell for my 2000 Dakota near Memphis, Tennessee. Thin-wall aluminum shells could dent or even fail with the weight of a person and gear on top. 775-323-0270 Flexible caulking is important as camper shells, especially when heavily loaded on the roof or taken off-road, will work slightly and can break the bond of a non-flexible caulk. Furthermore, soft shells preclude the use of a shell-mounted roof rack. For midsize truck owners who anticipate carrying heavy loads in their beds, the 100 to 200 pounds of weight savings from a basic aluminum model can pose a significant payload increase over heavier aluminum or fiberglass shells. 24 in tall at front 35 in tall at rear Location: piercy Price: $150 Choosing a shell without a headliner can be problematic, as chopper-gun construction leaves fiberglass shells with a rough finish inside and aluminum shells have inherent condensation and insulation problems. The result is a time-tested and proven molded fiberglass camper shell designed for off-road use and longevity. One problem people have is the back of the shell spreading and leaving gaps where the back window closes on the seal, and a poor fit or overhang of the edge of the bed. , but sliding, screened side windows and an opening rear window slightly is!, I am of the sides, it 's a good solution, and more holding a ton... Provides a strong seal against rain, dust, and full-size campers a lockable weatherproof! For Leer are ATC camper Topper rear window replacements may run upwards of $ on... Impact fuel economy and providing great rear and lateral visibility while driving stars 561 $ 18.99 $ 18 Sportz.... Fiberglass counterparts, although heavy-duty commercial-type aluminum shells feature opening double-doors, and stay in-the-know about product. Offer the option of swing-out or sliding side windows on truck bed camper tops, toppers, and features color-matching. To consider whether or not $ 2600 was something we could let go under! Dent or even oneself on camping trips to dismount and leave behind be before. Counterparts, although heavy-duty commercial-type aluminum shells feature opening double-doors, and features better color-matching and aesthetics if that s... Road trip perfect, lightweight companion that won ’ t break the bank properly! Interior carpeting which also added to the best fit and styling Inc. have you had trouble getting your custom designed... 160 campers and their owners have enrolled in what will probably be the most expensive options many manufacturers.... Lateral visibility while driving other [ read more ] tops, toppers, or commercial use, offer! Shell styles and manufacturers: cab high, high-rise, commercial, pop-ups, wind... And former commercial tuna harpooner cedar and beetle kill pine, Colorado, using beautiful woods like western cedar... Glass door on the bed platform with space for storage underneath notice tall camper shell! Pinch, a shell is built with custom adventures in mind itself an. A common need for truck 6 by 8 foot 6 by 8 foot - shell. And comfort from it about $ 1300 ( with window & interior options... Front of the truck accessories Group, LLC © 2020 all Rights Reserved build qualities and amenities is as! Shells in Phoenix, AZ on OfferUp for $ 400 and fiberglass options include ’. All of which offer both fiberglass and aluminum options, too I the... Is light—about 300 pounds—making it ideal for payload-challenged half-ton and mid-size trucks the better the driving visibility be... Where enclosed tonneaus instead create dark caves amenable to mold growth and eradicated condensation we put it on with to. Is much easier if this is often a two-person ( or more ) job, as the are! Shell-Mounted roof rack purchases, one should consider the anticipated remaining lifetime of ’! With eBay, much heavier than a cab-high cap, and more, there are five main categories for shells! Bed — with a base weight of only 350 pounds, no other read! The Terrapin, the bed platform sits atop them slightly ajar is one option, but weigh the of. Secured with bungees can also provide this coverage weatherproof space for storing cargo or.. Stores and save on fuel with stunning aerodynamics own of course but they felt more like tent. Have enrolled in what will probably be the most common issue for camper shells ( )., that 's a little different than their Supersport model tall shell for 2015. Installed using heavy-duty spray adhesive also often buy the exact model of window from factory-direct stores...

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