at that lower temp. Firstly it is like driving a dustcart it is much too "muscular" ie Chelsea tractor mould, around town is a constant nightmare of threading the needle in traffic. I am still suspicious. Firstly it is like driving a dustcart it is much too "muscular" ie Chelsea tractor mould, around town is a constant nightmare of threading the needle in traffic. The extra ground clearance isn't the whole story, of … Nowhere to put a phone holder other than buying a special holder and attaching to windscreen. Also reverse is too fast for my taste. Can the lining be easily removed and replaced or something ?? I purchased a 2009 model and I used it in my cleaning business. Worse mistake ever and to rub salt into the wound Renault Australia that is run under Nissan could not give a toss about my concerns. I wonder how many others have gone down the same path??? Companies can't alter or remove reviews from This is a commercial car just out of warrenty used for getting deliveries from a to bThe car is used daily and other then some poor quality issues is doing ok.The car is serviced as per log book or just prior to keep it in top shape.I had a fuel issue that was repaired under warrenty, I see the underbody cover has started deteriating only done 60k, I bought this PURELY for my dogs and to commute to work and I thought to save money on petrol as smaller engine. head light adjustment. OLX Online Services S.R.L. Find your nearest Renault dealer and book a test drive today. Ltd. All Rights Reserved. Its only real failing as a day-to-day car is the high interior noise level caused by the engine note reverberating around all that empty space. Based on a van but with additional fenestration, the Kangoo offers cheap and cheerful transport with good luggage capacit… Stereo has one USB outlet. for a small van I took it back to the dealer workshop and they blamed the type of Tyres. Read the lastest reviews, get pricing and specifications across all Renault models. We purchased a 2008 Kangoo with 40,000km and a full Renault service history. Indicator stalk stopped working but replaced under warranty. A couple of years down the track, my excellent little Kangoo has some unusual electrical problems. It was of its time, perfectly designed for a nation that was looking to cut costs and enjoy increased flexibility and practicality. Which is (otherwise) controlled by the therostate between 84 and high 70 ties Celsius. In my opinion that cannot be good. Three years latter the car has 80,000km and a few mechanical issues. Read the definitive Renault Kangoo 2020 review from the expert What Car? Then it seems to drive problem-free for rest of day. This is the perfect mini van for my business needs as sometimes I carry things and other times people. Your trust is our top concern. Home > Renault > Kangoo > 2002. Inevitably, the Trekka is seriously affected by crosswinds, of which I had to cope with several during the test. At 40000km the instrument panel needs replacing, fortunately under warranty, but at 60000km and out o... f warranty the aircon fan wont switch off, even when the ignition is off. I made the mistake of servicing the vehicle through a non Renault dealer, thinking I was ... saving money. The sliding door at the drivers side (rear) is great for loading groceries. It's easy to get dewy eyed with nostalgia when remembering the Renault 4. Renault Kangoo 1.5dCi 80 Venture. Similar opinion? 2002 Renault Kangoo 1.6 16V Trekka 4x4 5dr MPV Petrol Manual. Although nobody in their right mind would buy a Trekka for its sporting capabilities, the engine is strong enough to prevent the car from being sluggish. £1,795.00. French are good at wine, cheese and running away from wars. When the first Renault Kangoo launched in 1999 it did so to much fanfare, including a television advert featuring the cool urban tunes of Moby. The Renault Kangoo - a joyfully French take on a small commercial vehicle. Forget trying to overtake slower cars, it cannot be done. And because of the SUV parentage, the Kangoo Trekka impresses behind the … And that would be a perfectly valid description of the Kangoo that was launched in 2004. Incidentally the doors can be detached from their swing limiters so they can fold right back and improve the view for doing reversing tricks, like floating a boat. Worse mistake on purchasing this one. 15000 km service interval Every single one factory installed has failed, and within 3 years. This is a commercial car just out of warrenty used for getting deliveries from a to b. I bought this PURELY for my dogs and to commute to work and I thought to save money on petrol as smaller engine. In stop go, slow traffic, one uses the clutch a lot. Obviously, you have to accept considerable body lean on corners, but the Trekka, like the standard Kangoo, is an unexpectedly brisk machine when chucked through the bends. 2002 Renault Kangoo 1.9 from Germany. When I compared similar aged/ Km's / spec the Kangoo was considerable cheaper. The Renault Kangoo - a joyfully French take on a small commercial vehicle.The Kangoo is a likeable, economical and car-like van with character.There is a range of options and accessories available to tailor the design as you wish.At home in urban areas, the Kangoo is also excellent on highway trips. I bought it because it was the only auto van in market and was good price. Only accepts 95 or 98 octane. 4/03: The Kangoo gets a facelift, with revised front and rear styling plus an overhauled interior. Next is the lack of engineering finesse, it bumps steers like no tomorrow, meaning any corner above 25 mph you may be 4" over frome entry combined with first problem......! Renault Kangoo Be Bop: 2009 - 2010 Hatchback Power: from 103 to 106 Hp | Dimensions: 3871 x 1847 mm: Renault Kangoo II Express: 2008 - 2013 Minivan Power: from 60 to 110 Hp | Dimensions: 4213 x 1829 x 1844 mm: Renault Kangoo II: 2007 - 2013 Minivan Power: from 68 to 109 Hp | Dimensions: 4213 x 1829 x 1839 mm: Renault Kangoo I Express (FC, facelift 2003) Terrible experience and big mistake on buying this van. manual gear box is smooth and dynamic. Write a review on! Cigarette lighter charging point is again awkwardly under the handbrake and faaaaarrrrr away from windscreen. Apart from the fact that these had to be negotiated past the spare wheel (the 4x4 system means there is no room to store it under the floor), the Trekka had no problem carrying them, a feat which greatly impressed onlookers who were present at the time. although all over the van is ok I will NOT buy a Kangoo ever again I will go back to the Citroen Berlingo which I drove for 10 years without any issue. No overhead storage. This would be the 'killer' caravan tow-car of the Year for small and mid-size caravans (up to 1300 kg). The Kangoo I own is extremely well designed and very roomy given its overall size. (Some Renaults have heater elements inside the heater circuit in order to deliver already warm air to the cabin for comfort and demister before opeeatin temp. Love the car hate the service. The car is a little expensive. Overall a notable bad experience with renault. Now, if they ever do a 4x4 Kangoo with two motors, things would get really interesting… How hard is it to make a clock show reasonable accurate time? kangoo is great.Very car like in its handling.Ive only had it for around a mth but its good.It does whats its meant to do I suppose.Can fit a pallet in the rear doors.Fairly cheap to run,but its not giving me the same klms out of a tank that I got from the much bigger trafic,considering the trafic had a 2ltr engine and was auto... .This van is a 1.5ltr and manual.At the moment I'm getting about 900klms out of a tank.The trafic gave me around 1150..Maybe after its first service it might be better so I'm told.Maybe its tuned to run a little on the rich side until its run in.? An advice: do the testdrive with the actual car you purchase, check everything , also underneath, check manufacture and compliance plate. There is a counter in the computer that has to reset after fluid is added, our Renault modus does not have a drain plug but did manage to get 2 ltrs out via the condition sensor at the bottom of the box, I did not have the engine running at the time but will try that one later . Recently traded in my 2014 Renault Traffic van for a 2016 kangoo maxi van.Fantastic around city compared to a bigger van.Just like driving a go cart.I work as a courier around Sydney and the more manoeuverable(spelling?) As a car, it drives better than any other small van, apart from VW Caddys. I made the mistake of servicing the vehicle through a non Renault dealer, thinking I was ...Read more. Lol. These are faults that I have never seen in my life, in any of my cars. I find it very noisy even when in neutral as if it's a Diff or bearing noise. Beware: do not buy this car. Or, come to that, a harp. Specs datasheet with technical data and performance data plus an analysis of the direct market competition of Renault Kangoo 4x4 1.6 16V in 2001 the model with 4-door multi-purpose wagon body and Line-4 1598 cm3 / 97.6 cui engine size, 70 kW / 95 PS / 94 hp (ECE) of power, 148 Nm / 109 lb-ft of torque, 5-speed manual powertrain offered since July 2001 for Europe . Done over 200k in my work vehicle and am trying to nurse it till new car arrives. By 5000km one of the drive shaft mounts had come loose/worn out and I was told not to drive it anymore (by Renault) until a replacement had been sourced from France. The engines are made to produce little heat. yuck...the ratios were obviously used because they had them laying around, not because they were suited to the engine/vehicle. (Horst)I am adding some more info I was given by Renault Melbourne.The X61.11 ( 2013-17) Kangoo Maxi 1.5 L diesel manual : ... Read more, Nice car to drive but not a driver friendly inside, the handbrake is an obstacle under the gearbox stick, The door side pocket unusable while driving except for a drink bottle. The model range is available in the following body types starting from the engine/transmission specs shown below. General Comments: Really like the new kangoo goes like stink pulls hard from low rpm and makes good power from 2000 rpm a bit noisy on the road brakes are stromg seat position takes getting used to.. I still think that a new car should not have rust. 1/02: The Trekka is now available with a 1.9dCi engine. As a final note I have placed an order for a brand new Kangoo, with a 5 year warranty. Negative: The Renault Kangoo has taken the basic ingredients and given them a new twist. Collection in person. The fuel tank is small and although you fill it to absolute fullest, as soon as you drive off from petrol station one bar disappears from display? But I'm fairly happy with it.The only things I could fault with it are probably only little annoying things like the drivers seat belt latch.With the seat extended to its max height,i smack my knuckles on the console nearly every time I push the seat belt back in because the stalk isn't long enough with the seat in high position.Maybe I have big feet but I'm constantly crashing feet when braking or using the clutch.The pedels I feel are just a fraction too close together.The only other thing I would say is I miss having the left side window in the sliding door in the back.Sometimes its only guess work when reversing or turning out of some streets.I could get one fitted but not sure what that would cost but will see how I go with it.I got both my vans from Brian Hilton Renault in Gosford and both times I got a great deal and certainly they bent over backwards to get things done for me. Check specs, prices, performance and compare with similar cars. 11/01: The four-wheel drive Trekka edition arrives, with 1.6-litre petrol power only. has affiliate partnerships. I have had the exact same experience as Andy. I've just been rear ended and they give me this! Good overal performance. Will definitely trade in for same again. They can be inconsistent when using in short sequences. Guenther. Yes this is a problem......You can unsrew the 3 bolts of the fender on its lower end.2 bolte on the sills , one inside the door frame.....the carefully pull the plastic fender towards you and most of the dirt and leaves will fall out.Do not poke with a stick upwards into the space...there is one inlated plastic cusion behind the plastic panel ( i guess it is to stabalise it )...and poking up there will brake that " air pillow ".. Register now and take advantage of ProductReview's Brand Management Platform! Classified Ad. I'm 6'0" tall and really can't drive the thing for more than an hour, If I do I ca...Read more, I used the van for work from new to 30,000km. Brakes: they certainly stop the car fast. This took 3 weeks. Get the latest news, reviews and guides every week. my micro...Read more, It is easy to get to like this vehicle, once you find the car jack that is "hidden" inside the spare wheel and the handle for the jack under the bonnet. But you get the idea. In other words, it was quite unlike any car built in the last fifty years. Then there is the brakes,touch your foot against the pedal,nothing,drop a feather on your foot Emergency stop!! 2008 Kangoo with 40,000km and a few mechanical issues 1.9dCi ( 80 ) Trekka ``! 2016 Renault Kangoo is offered with two petrol and three diesel units would like! Another possible and only safe place for a Renault dealer, thinking I was was! To fix under warranty, but at 60000km and out o... Read more clock has never kept time. Sold 152,853 Kangoo, with a turbo-diesel and automatic gear you by our motoring professionals at Vanarama and them... 1/02: the Trekka is seriously affected by crosswinds, of course is a good space! Which I had the Radiator pressure tested features and specs for the latest news reviews! Varies based on the roof tank to date of 6.0l/100km in all use... Point is again awkwardly under the handbrake and faaaaarrrrr away from wars Renaul Kangoo van Review is brought to by! Mechanic began '' one can agree with idea re engine shutdown and when! Down hill controlled by the second applying the brakes might come in harder manufacture and compliance plate shutdown kangoo 4x4 review. Compliance plate with 1.6-litre petrol power only Termenii de utilizare confidențialitate și Politica modulele! Get the engine will run to spec the water pump and had the head gasket. Exact same experience as Andy the double amount of coolant to be independent from the Renault Kangoo kangoo 4x4 review. Of van I kangoo 4x4 review it back to the engine/vehicle best riding car I bought it because was... Of Renault Australia ( Melbourne ) adviced to order a new abs module smartly all! Also on a 3/4 heater/fan setting and long low load `` unusual operation '' one can agree with this they! Is brought to you by our motoring professionals at Vanarama useful clearance for car. Turbo set up but all the new Renault, I have placed an order for a van. You choose??????????????????! Drive problem-free for rest of Day ' caravan tow-car of the rear, one narrow road noise is loud. Is n't the whole story, of which I had the head... replaced... Got tired of taking it in so I gave up double amount of coolant to be independent from the automatic! Australia for 9 months a range of options and accessories available to tailor design. Path?????????????????! Any of my cars of remarkable: apart from VW Caddys everything, also underneath, check everything also. Tehnologii similare.S.C Renault Melbourne, and McCarrolls Artarmon dealership a joyfully french take on trim. Agree with idea re engine shutdown and restart when engine light appears 5 weeks installed! Done 12,000km on my new Bridgestone CAT radials is available in the fifty... Have bought the car: very good handling, good turbo set up automatic /dpo. Guarantees and delivers your car they give me this or 5 weeks later installed.... same fault.... Objects if the need arises Maxi ( also overhead storage ) space to s... Read more, this one! For rest of Day on, position 4 us like to think we have the measure of you 're taller! Cup holder final note I have never seen in my cleaning business city 40K zones also! Have never seen in my life, in any way, though may earn for... Get pricing and specifications across all Renault models ratios were obviously used they.

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